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SAVE THE DATE MAY 24th - 29th 2012
(Memorial Day Weekend) 5 nights/4 nights/3 nights

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For the past twenty years, Aginah and sistahfriends have been converging on the Island of the Bahamas to renew, restore, release, relax, laugh, and grow together, and now as part of Aginah's mission to ‘Inspire 100,000 Sistah's to make better choices in the Bahamas Annual Vacation. Sistah's that make the journey return changed women, as YOU have experienced giving YOU permission to do YOU FIRST!

I'm inviting everyone to join me in Nassau, the Bahamas to start the next chapter of my life by celebrating life-another blessing and for a fun-loving time with you All. It's also a time to renew, restore, release, relax, laugh, grow, and revisit the good ole times.

… And Who Are You... Sistahfriends, sistahstylist, sistahclients and sistahs that I have not yet met? They Are You! You are the reason for my season of Joy. Without you, the past 61 years would have felt little like a half-century instead of a fleeting journey, and I would not have had the strength to face my high and lows that have been set before me. And I can't forget those Aha moments coupled with the near death second.

… This is my moment, because it marks the end of one season and the beginning of the rest of my healing journey. I want you to sit on the beach, listen to the sounds of G-d's great big ocean and soak up peace, and enjoy the simplicity of sun, ocean and sand. I hope you can join me for this inspiring celebration at the beach and lift a glass to the future, the next fifty years and another season.

…Peace be with you, always, for the love you've shown me. I will always love you.


See attachment for HOTEL RATES AND POLICIES at Breezes All Inclusive on cable beach in Nassau. For those who prefer a payment plan, see installment dates below beginning September 24, 2011. All payments whether installments or in full must be paid via postal money order payable to SULERMAR & Company, or send an email to to receive a Paypal invoice which accepts credit/debit bank cards or echeck. If you have a paypal account just log into to send your full payment, weekly or monthly installments to Sulermar and Company, LLC. Or book directly with your travel agent.


Option 1 Double Room $835 NET per person/Triple Room $765 NET per person
Thursday, May 24th - Tuesday, May 29th (5 nights/6 days)

Option 2 Double Room $670 NET per person/Triple Room $614 NET per person
Friday, May 25th - Tuesday, May 29th (4 nights/5 days)

Option 3 Double Room $505 NET per person/Triple Room $463 NET per person
Saturday, May 26th - Tuesday, May 29th (3 nights/4 days)

*SINGLE ROOMS ARE AVAILABLE $245 per person/per night
Installment Plan for Nassau, Bahamas
Begins September 24, 2011


1st Deposit of $75 due on or before Saturday, September 24th 2011

Option #1
Double May 24th – May 29th 5 nights/6 days $835.00 Pay $30.93 a week/$123.72 a month

Option #2 Double May 25th – May 29th 4 nights/5 days $670.00 Pay $24.82 a week/$99.28 a month

Option #3 Double May 26th – May 29th 3 nights/4 days $505.00 Pay $18.71 a week/$74.84 a month

*You can at anytime pay more or full payment via Paypal or postal money order...
Depart: May 24, 2012 @9:45am
Flight #1913
Return: May 29, 2012 @1:45pm

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