Friday, August 13, 2010

Sisterfriends Always Thinking Of You

When I was a teenager I'd listen to Nikki Giovanni (spoken word as you call it today) and one of my favorites was Peace be still... And it has given me an even greater meaning today.

Ask yourself is it really necessary--To Be Still?
To be still means to stop moving, to take time out to think deeply, to stop the ride for a moment so that you can get off and concentrate, get your bearings, get focused to get balance, and be still and know it. We are living in a world of instant gratification that has become a culture. We want everything-- overnight or same day delivery, email, faxes, quick, fast, microwave meals, instant oatmeal, instant pain relief, instant food, instant gratification.

Beware... its a setup for a emotional, mental and physical breakdown. Peace Be Still. Learning to be still helps you stay calm, peaceful and focused. Because we have become conditioned to fast-pace living it is easy to get caught up in states of lasting motion like you're operating on a duracell battery--you keep going, going, going, rushing, rushing, rushing from the moment your feet hit the floor in the morning until you lay your head down with arms by your side at night in a meditating position but do you meditate? Being still is about being gentle and kind to your nervous system it is fragile and unforgiving. Give it a break, a chance to recuperate, reflect, and rejuvenate, instead of abusing it and rough-handling it and a chance to stay in peace rather than fall to pieces with too much over-stimulation or panic. We must recognize that our personal and spiritual development grow and thrive in environments of peace, quiet, stillness and calm, not chaos and constant activity.

Establish personal practices that keep the world from invading and infringing upon your every waking moment. Peace Be Still. Let the voice mail answer your phone calls for a few hours after you get home from work or your day. Have 'no texting' blocks of time. Keep the TV turned off for at least several hours of the day or once you arrive home from a stressful days work. Give yourself an hour or more to transition and wind down before shifting into second gear- preparing dinner, tidying up the house, hollering at the children, checking phone messages... Give yourself at least several hours to just sit down, put your feet up, close your eyes and breathe through your nose and out through your mouth then take another deeeeep breath, then another.... Learning to be still and get more and more comfortable with it can be the beginning of a powerful personal healing for inner peace that encourages us to eliminate a lot of internal stress which can cause you headaches, skin problems, heart problems. You can feel out of control and it also distorts the ability for right thinking and right action.

Stress causes emotional pain... it promotes your choice to choose pain killers... Like over spending, over eating, over sleeping, paranoia, becoming a workaholic, drinking or drugs, worrying, smoking and depression which all are common escapes. Too much of too much without time for reflection, meditation, family and friends, stress can get the best of you. Slow down, delegate duties, exercise, breathe, eat healthier, make responsible choices, pray and meditate.

Ask yourself can you be still and sit still without getting restless? Seriously. Please Be Still!


Ramadan Mubarak 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Peaceful Greetings!

"When I look back over my 60 years, I see the work of so many family and friends in every step I have taken, and I am amazed! Each has added measurably to my life, and I have grown in many ways because you were with me whether in person or on the sidelines.

Because you responded so willingly to Allah's plan for this chapter of my life by surrounding me with Love, loyalty and an awesome outpouring of support as I struggle to recover from brain surgery. I will never forget the prayers, hospital visits, cards, flowers, letters, calls/text/emails, generous contributions and money raised or the precious time taken out of your days to be with me, cook for me and bring foods. I never felt alone in my illness. I will always remember how you supported me daily, and gave me strength to battle on, through the tears, the fears and what seemed like nanoseconds, my life turned upside down.

This is my 60th chapter moment, because it marks the beginning of the rest of my journey. I hope you're able to join me for this chapter as well. Godwilling.
I am eternally grateful to you and can never fully repay you. But know from the bottom of my heart, I Thank You!

With appreciation for the love you've shown me. I will always Love you. Aginah Carter-Shabazz

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