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Live Music by DJ Philly & The Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble
2nd Level Social Networking * 3rd Level Smooth Jazz * 4th Level Catered Buffet
Sunday, July 25, 2010
7:00 PM - 12:00 Midnight
African American Museum Philadelphia
701 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

TICKETS: $50 for 1 / $80 for 2

Deborah 215.760.2040 * Nas 215.407.7006
Deneen 267.475.1231 * Email
VENDING available: Call Marvell today 267.496.1051

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Dearest Friends and Supporters:

On April 28, 2010. In excruciating pain and desperate, holding on to her head after feeling like it just exploded when she sneezed quickly pulled into a parking spot at Whole foods Market in Wynnewood slowly exited her truck while holding her head with one hand and closing the door with other then spread her arms and hands across the hood of her truck when two women "Angels, she called them" walked up to ask if she was in distressed. Slowly sliding to the ground she said to them both please don’t let me die here as they held on to her. She didn’t struggle to hold back another round of tears. "Please help me don’t let me die here," she begged the ambulance driver who finally pulled up quickly but it seemed like it was forever.

"Please don't let me die," she also told the EMS "I have migraine headaches she told him as he ask questions to keep her conscious never in all my years has it felt like this. We're almost to Lankenau hospital he told her." With that, the door opens to the ambulance and she was quickly rolled into the emergency room.

Nurses began to cut off her clothing hook up Intravenous in her arms. By that time her family were there trying to make out heads or tails what is happening to their matriarch. She tried to tell the doctors what happen but she could only form the words while holding her head tight to keep it from exploding again “Please don’t let me die.” Doctor ordered nurse to give her a shot of morphine. He had to ease the pain to prepare her for a cat scan of the brain. Resting quietly shoulders slumping, she heard the doctor say to her family she's hemorrhaging from the brain. And she’s not going to make it it’s nothing more we can do for her here. Doctor told her family he’s waiting for Jefferson to call with a bed in Intensive Care. Hospital phone rang Jefferson got a bed. Ambulance rush Aginah to Jefferson where she was taken to the neurology Intensive care unit.

She is now facing several doctors and nurses trying to stabilize her. They were bringing in all kinds of machines including cat scan equipment to her room. At 5:00 am she went to surgery while her tearful dad and daughter Nas, also family and friends stood by asking surgeon what were her risk. She survived surgery with minimal pain. She awakens with her son Sultan wiping his mother’s face with a warm cloth. By the morning the hospital room was filled with lots and lots of people very upset and just wanting to know if Aginah was going to live and recover fully. But only G-d knows if she will ever recover fully from Moyamoya disease of the brain.

Knowing Aginah, her healing process will be sooner than anticipated by the doctors. She is recovering but must take it slowly before she can return to work.

I'm asking you, as I'm sure Aginah would be most grateful for your contribution to help her to keep a roof over her head and able to pay for future testing and research. The need is real and we need your help because we don’t want to see her struggling while suffering especially being a woman that has always given to the masses. At one time friends would call her an angel without wings. She gave generously to so many.

Give what feels good to your heart a contribution will indeed make a difference in her life. Buy one ticket for Summer White Night and one for a friend.

It will only take a minute to click the buy a ticket button and it will help her tremedously! Godwilling.


Family & Friends


Here is the email I promised so I wouldn't have to tell the story over and over 'cause sometimes talking long builds pressure in my head.

Looking at my MRI and Catscan results on screen for my follow-up visit, I do have Moyamoya a rare disease of the brain and possibly since birth. Moyamoya - the tiny blood vessels that grow outside the brain are smaller than normal and intertwined appearing more like a spider web which blocks blood flow to the brain. The Hemorrhage I suffered on April 28th was on the right side but moyamoya is more pronounced on left side. Left side of brain does not have same connections as right side. Neuro Surgeons at Thomas Jefferson Hospital said too dangerous to operate on right side because front of ear where there is pulsing major artery grew outside the brain up the side then over the top center of brain and attached itself down inside of brain.

Moyamoya can present in two ways: Brain hemorrhage or brain stroke. Arteries need to be connected on left side. Left side is susceptible to a brain stroke as was the right side but the hemorrhage actually prevented a brain stroke. Previous CT Scan perfusion (showed blood flow) is decreased on right side and reason for hemorrhage. Surgeons will not operate on right side for fear of disconnecting already established arteries even though the connection of the arteries is not a normal connection. Least invasive surgery on the left side may be done to prevent possibility of a stroke because of lack of connection of the arteries. Surgery can possibly make arteries connect and increase blood flow to the brain. Surgery possibly using burr holes (drill holes at back of skull & around forehead) for arteries to connect naturally and increase blood circulation in my head.

Next step: CTA perfusion with dye to look at and compare blood flow in right side and left side of brain. Depending on results surgery will be scheduled. This CTA testing is scheduled for June 7th.

Neurosurgeon Dr Gonzalez says I have pristine organs which most likely kept me from never losing consciousness which could have resulted in a coma. I said it's 25-30 years taking herbs but you know doctors discount that. He also pointed to the picture of my brain on the screen and said your brain is bad but when he looks at me its remarkable how well I look and doing. Looking forward to the 7th but Gonzalez says right now I'm fine though I will have headaches until the blood is fully drained from my head.

New Update:
I had a reaction from the test on June 7th so the results are scheduled for reading with Dr. Gonzalez/Dr. Rosenwasser on June 16th. At that time I will have more understanding how much blood flow is circulating on the left and ride of the brain. I will also have a surgery date and doctors will confirm the procedure possibly drilling the burr holes and my risk and benefits.

I'm Grateful to be alive. G-d is Most Merciful.

Thank you all for your prayers and concerns

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