Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Years in March 2009!

Join Giselle, Kim and Aginah as we bring in the NEW YEAR!
With flowers beginning to bloom and the weather getting warmer--March 21st is a beautiful time of the year... It feels like a fresh start!

So if you'd like to start your spring with Sistahfriends and cleanliness of mind and body head to AGINAH'S HAIR SALON where each person is invited to read a brief excerpt from a text you have found to be healing.

7516 City Avenue Office #6, 215.878.1227

Saturday, March 21st @10am - 2pm

Our celebration is hosted by Smiley Ferebee with the art and spirit of Vegetarian cuisine and more...

Babykakes dessert

A Aginah Shabazz production giving back to our Sistahclients